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We are a therapy company built and founded by physical therapists from the Houston area. 


Rayflex Therapy is designed to provide integrative medicine to optimize individuals health and wellness from the comfort of one’s home.


Our mission is to help provide optimal patient services and patient care with convenience.

We strive to improve patient safety, independence, and function in order to enhance quality of life.


We staff qualified physical therapists, occupational therapists and physical therapy assistants to home health agencies, staffing companies, and provide cash pay services around the greater Houston area. 


The standard we uphold makes our company an excellent match for all home based clients.

We look forward to working with you and providing excellent care.


We also provide all natural products made to order for pain management.

Convenient Scheduling

Ongoing patient communication with prompt response time and consistent scheduling  

Credibility & Reliability

Continuous communication. 

Services scheduled or provided within 24 to 48 hours. 

Optimal patient care

Ongoing patient education, handouts, diagnostic information, assessment findings, and treatment plan

Competitive Pricing

contact us for staffing agency prices.

Out of pocket price is designed by case and plan of care.

Prompt Communication

Continuous communication between therapist, home health agency, physician, allied healthcare team, and patient​ for optimal care.

Smile Stretch

Our Mission

To set a high standard of care aligned with integrative medicine for optimal health, quality of life, and functional mobility customized towards patient and client goals.

When choosing Rayflex Therapy, you are in good hands

We strive to make our patient's goals a reality and our priority is functional patient outcomes in the home therapy setting.


Rayflex Therapists have high patient satisfaction demonstrated by quality service, proficient communication, competency, skill level, professionalism, and passion in our practice.

Meet The Owner

Dr. Kristina Ray PT, DPT

A board certified physical therapist.

Gradutated from Old Dominion University with a Doctorate in Physcial Therapy.

Certified in Parkinson's treatment utilizing the LSVT BIG program.

I am the founder, manger, supervisor, and clinician with Rayflex Therapy. I have been with the company for over four years and enjoyed watching the company grow from the exemplary care and services provided.

Patients and physicians refer us specifically which has been humbling and appreciated. We strive to keep up the quality services both agencies and patients rely on while making Rayflex their first choice.  

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