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Physical Therapy Session
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Detailed physical          

Providing prescribed medical grade Tens unit FREE under insurance plan.

& treatment


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We provide integrated medicine consultation. Physical impairments is only one piece to the puzzle. It is important to understand how your body is interconnected.

Contact us for further information. We look forward to working with you.

Indoor Yoga

Ask a Physical Therapist!

Do you have a question that requires a professional answer? We provide a flat $5 dollar question fee that can be done by email whenever you want. You are guaranteed a response within 48 hours from the time your question was submitted. Click the link  to get started. We look forward to helping you.

Our Services

Functional Medicine

  • Accepting new clients

  • Online consultation 

  • Initial consult within 48-72 hours of submitting inital intake form

  • integrative medicine: mind body functional approach

  • specialize in autoimmune function: thyroid​

  • musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, and bone health 

  • Client survey on healthcare satisfaction 

Natural Medicine

Home Physical Therapy

Our therapists focus on patient's reaching their maximum potential to safely negotiate their home environment. We focus on improving functional mobility through muscle strengthening, bed mobility, balance, transfer and gait training.


Occupational Therapy

Focus on optimizing patients abilities to perform activities of daily living. These include bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, cooking, cleaning and various other activities of daily living.

Yoga Class

Speech Therapy

Focus on optimizing patients abilities to perform activities of daily living. These include eating, drinking, swallowing, speech articulation, cognitive processing, and various other activities of daily living.

Home Cook

Home Therapy Staffing 


  • Home therapy

  • Complete new referrals within 24-48 hours

  • Prompt documentation to allied healthcare team

  • Manual therapy, bed mobility, balance training, transfer and gait training, muscle re-education, pain management

  • Neurological disorders

  • Certified LSVT BIG Parkinson treatment interventions

  • Lymphadema treatment

  • Patient surveys exemplify exceptional therapy services

Checking Blood Pressure


  • Kinnser software 

  • Proficient documentation to meet Medicare and private insurance guidelines

  • Evaluation frequencies called in daily

  • Missed visits called in upon request

  • Easy referral process

  • Exceptional communication with patient and healthcare team.

Video Call

My Mom fractured her femur at 89 yrs old and we were provided PT by RayFlex. Kristina was our therapist and she is amazing. When my mom left Rehab the prognosis was that she had reached all she could and I had little hope of my Mom ever being able to regain her strength and function. Kristina saw it differently and created a program that changed our lives. She is now 90 and able to use her walker to move around the house and do small tasks. Kristina is patient, kind and caring but also knows how to motivate and and give hope. She has been a blessing to us and took time to explain what she was doing and her plan for my Mom. We also worked with Brian a few times when Kristina was not available. He too is wonderful and great with seniors. My Mom has made tremendous progress all due to the professionalism and kindness of this team! I can't say enough good things about them! I pray you never need this service but if you do please know that you will be well taken care of by this great team!

-B. McCormick

B. McCormick

Old Couple

We Provide therapy services in the following areas:

Houston, Spring, Cypress, Humble, Kingwood, Woodlands, Pearland, League City, Pasadena, Missouri City, Sugar Land and more!

Get in touch to find out if we can help you.

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