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The Guide To Natural Thyroid Health e-book


Are you suffering from a thyroid condition or thyroid dysfunction symptoms? You are not alone! There is a rapid growing concern for thyroid-related illness. 

After my thyroid healing journey, I was inspired to further my education in functional medicine. I was on a quest to thoroughly understand our bodies capability of healing through dis-eases including autoimmune disorders. It is my goal and ongoing passion to share natural healing information with the world.

This quick and easy-to-read guide is loaded with thyroid and adrenal content containing natural healing remedies and ways to boost your immune system.

Receive a free guide on sleep hygiene from Dr.Kristina Ray !

The Guide To Natural Thyroid Healing

paperback available on Amazon for $10

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Yoga at Home
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Healing Audio Meditations


Frequencies effect on the body:

Sound frequencies can alter brain and and body activities in ways to promote lower stress and a higher self healing immunological response. Higher frequencies are used as alternative medicine with a purpose of healing. 


When we sleep, out bodily functions slow down so that it can focus on healing the areas most needed. Not getting 6-8 hours of deep sleep has shown to deplete the immune system leaving us vulnerable to disease. Adequate sleep is imperative for bodily healing. To help boost bodily healing, you can listen to high frequency meditation music while awake or sleep for enhanced bodily healing. 


This meditation music has over 8 hours of music at frequencies strategically placed to promote healing during sleep phases. 


The frequency placement promotes in this order: 

  • Enhancement of Immune system function 

  • Cleanse infection and toxins

  • DNA repair, relaxation to body & soul

  • Miracle deep healing frequency

  • Release negativity, anxiety, stress, & promotes positive mindset 


I added a Thank you BONUS consisting of a nightly journaling routine allowing your body to be in a positive state to promote wellness before starting the meditation. 

Thank you!

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