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Functional Medicine
A natural approach to healing

What is Functional Medicine?

It is a personalized medical treatment approach to providing care that focuses on the breakdown of each system affected while getting to the root cause of the bodily dysfunction.


This approach is uniquely tailored to each person. It takes into account:

past medical history, environment, hereditary factors, sleep, mental health, daily stressors, food, medications, habits, physical activity, work life balance and so much more!


Interested to learn more about the functional medicine program?

Listed below are the designed program steps towards optimal wellness. 

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Step 1 : Comprehensive Medical Evaluation 

Here we diving deep into the past and current medical history, lab work, medications, supplements, daily routine, and much more. We will spend time linking and understanding possible underlying root causes and triggers for your symptoms.


Post the comprehensive evaluation, we will customize an all-inclusive program that will address your concerns and lead to your desired path of optimal health and wellness.

Step 2 : Advanced Screening 

During this phase we will utilize laboratory testing to assess underlying causes of your symptoms. This may include: nutrient deficiencies, microbiome imbalance, gut health, toxin exposures and much more.


We will also start addressing your acute potentially inflammatory symptoms in this phase. 

Step 3 : Functional Health Framework

This is where we will customize a detailed plan of care addressing physical environment, lifestyle choices, and nutritional needs. You will learn how to create new life changing habits that will create sustainable change. You will all learn how your unique body works and functions to maintain wellness. Every single person is different.


The time frame to healing depends on you and your body. From my personal experience it takes about 6-12 months to heal. This is a program broken down to 3, 6, 9, and 12 months depending on the desired time needed for you. 

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